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Dongguan Yishengbai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. (Yishengbai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.) main service items:

General and precise vacuum heat treatment, annealing, quenching, tempering, large-scale high frequency surface quenching, vacuum heat treatment, special material bright blackening, nitriding, carburizing surface heat treatment, precise oil pressure correction, metal mesh belt carburizing, anodic oxidation, coloring, spinning, electroplating, color zinc, white zinc, blue zinc, our factory is operated by several senior technicians with rich experience in heat treatment. Work, quality assurance, delivery of goods by special car in time.

Yishengbai Heat Treatment Plant was established in 2014. In order to provide customers with better quality service, the company has complete equipment, including two box quenching furnaces, four box tempering furnaces, one ultra-deep cooling furnace, one liquid nitriding furnace, one gas nitriding furnace, one solid carburizing furnace, one 50 ton calibrating oil press and so on. Sino-German joint venture 500-800kg vacuum quenching furnace.


Technology in place; Testing equipment: Rockwell desktop hardener 2, Vickers hardener 1, Brinell hardener 1, Vickers hardener 1, portable hardener 1; In these times, more than 200 large and medium-sized enterprises gathered to become the reputation partner of Yishengbai heat treatment plant; Dongguan Yishengbai heat treatment plant's success today can not be separated from all customers to win. Baidu's support and recommendation, we repay all customers for their support and reputation to the one-hundred heat treatment plant, and follow-up in quality; in service, we constantly improve, so far let customers feel 100% confident about the one-hundred quality, 100% satisfied with the one-hundred service; in the same industry to win a good reputation, at the same time, we are huge. Transportation system is our service has always been in the fastest state, dedicated 24-hour pick-up and delivery of goods hotline, easy and efficient between customers. Strict quality requirements and active spirit to provide customers with a full range of services are the consistent business philosophy of more than 100 people.

Dongguan Yishengbai Vacuum Heat Treatment Plant belongs to incoming material processing mode. If you need, you can visit our factory or call for consultation. Our main service areas are Shatian Town, Houjie Town, Humen Town, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Fujian, Anhui and Zhejiang around Chang'an Town. The company provides 24-hour pick-up hotline: 13713200026 dedicated car pick-up and delivery of goods.



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